6 PPC Strategies to Double Your Leads

The client is an authorized reseller of a global mobile plans service provider, and they need to double conversions in 3 months.


+136% LEADS

with only +38% budget.
more than client expectations

+27% CTR

in 2 months
thanks to weekly A/B testing

-65% CPA

dropped cost per lead
with our secret sauce

Google Ads monthly performance
Google Ads monthly performance - Click to expand Screenshot
Boost in Goal Completion / Paid Traffic
Boost in Goal Completion / Paid Traffic - Click to expand Screenshot
High Specific Ad-Groups for better account performance


The client needed to increase their advertising returns by maximizing B2B Leads generated by an existing Google Ads Campaign. The goal was pretty ambitious:  double conversions without increasing budget spend.


  1. Hyper-Specific Ad-Groups – after an in-depth account and search terms analysis we broke down top converting ad-groups into a far more granular SKAG structure, with tight keywords. This alone reduced CPA by 57%.

  2. Negative Keywords – thanks to advanced excel reporting, we spot that many search terms related to client’s business were not converting in a profitable way. By applying a throughout negative keywords strategy we improved CTRs and account performances almost immediately.

  3. New Product-Related Keywords – many keywords related to the product name were not added on active campaigns. After expanding our keyword list and reach, we managed to bring a 10% additional leads.

  4. Landing Page Optimizations – after a downward trend, we analyzed search terms and user search intent; it was clear how they were looking for the latest mobile business plan, not yet available on the landing page. By restyling the page using a fresher look & feel, new offers, and adjusted pricing, conversions rates increased again.

  5. Enhanced Page Speed – resizing all images included in the landing page without impacting their quality, file size decreased by 50%. This made landing page loading faster, better conversion rates and improved usability.

  6. A/B Testing Never Ends – Even if campaigns exceeded client expectations, we keep testing different ad-copies on a monthly basis. This guarantee ever-growing CTR and better costs per click.


Achieved an outstanding +136% in conversions with only +38% in budget spend.

In the campaign’s first 3 months of activity, the cost per lead dropped by 65%.

Average position raised at 1.1 at a cheaper cost per click.

The client extended advertising budget to B2C campaigns after the great results with B2B.


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