6 PPC Strategies to Double Your Leads

The client is an authorized reseller of Business Mobile Plans in Italy, and they need to double conversions in 3 months.


+136% LEADS

with only +38% budget.
more than client expectations

+27% CTR

in 2 months
thanks to weekly A/B testing

-65% CPA

dropped cost per lead
with to our secret sauce

We can Double Leads and Increase Your Revenue
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High Specific Ad-Groups for better account performance


Our client needed to increase their advertising returns by maximizing B2B Leads coming from an existing AdWords Campaign. The Goal was pretty ambitious, to double conversions without increasing budget spend.


  1. Hyper-Specific Ad-Groups – after an in-depth account and search terms analysis we divided top converting ad-groups into a far more granular structure, with tight keywords. This alone reduced their CPA by 57%.

  2. Negative Keywords – thanks to advanced Excel Reporting, we found that many search terms related to client’s business were not converting in a profitable way. By applying a throughout negative keywords strategy we improved CTRs and account performances almost immediately.

  3. New Product-Related Keywords – we found that many keywords related to the product name were not used on active campaigns. After expanding their reach we managed to bring a 10% additional leads.

  4. Landing Page Optimizations – after a downward trend, we looked at SQR and user search intent; it was clear how they were looking for the latest mobile business plan, not yet available on the landing page. By restyling the page using a fresher look & feel, new offers, and adjusted pricing, conversions rates increased again.

  5. Enhanced Page Speed – resizing all images included in the landing page without impacting their quality and saving about 50% in terms of file size. This made Landing Page loading faster, better Conversion Rates and improved usability.

  6. A/B Testing Never Ends – Even if campaigns reached client’s expectation,  we keep testing different ad-copies on a weekly basis. This guarantee ever-growing CTR and better costs per click.


Achieved an outstanding +136% in Conversions with only +38% in budget spend.

In the campaign’s first 3 months of activity, the Cost Per Lead dropped by 65%.

Average Position Raised at 1.1 at a cheaper cost per click.

The client extended advertising budget to B2C campaigns after the great results with B2B.

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