How To Maximize PPC Conversions In 5 Steps

Europe Transfer 24 Homepage

With Europe Transfer 24 you can book private airport transfers and private taxi from top European destinations. They launched a new website but something was not working in terms of Traffic, Bookings and Campaigns performance...


+600% CTR

right after the very first optimization
thanks to 30+ tight ad-groups

-46% CPA

cost per reservation after 1 month
and still decreasing

184 calls

with click-to-call in 3 months
leveraging call extensions

We Can Boost Your Website Conversions & Sales
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Click-to-call Button on Website to Boost Mobile Conversions
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Click-to-call Conversions from Mobile Phones on AdWords


No bookings and sales were coming to the new website after 1 month of its launch, and AdWords Campaigns were generating high costs with no returns. No user behaviour tracking in place, the buying funnel and conversion rates were misreporting on Google Analytics.


  1. Powerful Google AdWords Campaign - we setup a new optimized campaign with more than 300 tight ad-groups targeting all European Countries, featuring compelling Ad Copies (A/B test), an extensive list of Negative Keywords, Click-to-Call and Sitelink Extensions, Remarketing campaigns and much more...

  2. Landing Page Optimization - changed ads final URLs for users coming from PPC Campaigns from the homepage to brand new location-specific Landing Pages.

  3. Advanced Google Analytics Goal Tracking - full Google Analytics audit, measurement plan and implementation for each targeted country: we started reporting Online Bookings, Form Contacts, Custom Requests and Conversion Funnels in order to improve overall conversion rates.

  4. Click-to-Call Conversions - Mobile traffic represents the main source of visitors for EuropeTransfer24. That's why we installed a Click-to-Call button on every website page to make it easier to book from smartphones.

  5. On-site SEO Best Practices - after removing duplicate titles and descriptions, rewriting meta titles, fixing 404 errors and other Search Console issues, the website started to be properly indexed and organic traffic ramp up.


Achieved a great boost in Click Through Rate from 1,19% to 13.36% after a few hours of work.

In the campaign’s first full month of activities, Cost per Reservation was reduced by 48%.

The CPC dropped from initial 1.19€ to 0.59€, decreasing, as a consequence, advertising costs and getting more clicks.

More than 180 click-to-call from Mobile Phones.

Europe Transfer 24 almost doubled its team YOY during our Optimizations.

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